As something for children to use, are what we often think of in trampolines. On a trampoline, children love to jump and have fun as a matter of fact. But these days, trampoline are no longer just for kids but also for adults who wants to jump on mini trampolines for exercise. Called urban rebounders are these mini trampolines which is a great way for adults and children to have fun while exercising.


Providing the same fat burning benefits is an urban rebounder although it is much smaller than a regular trampoline. Low impact exercises are rebounding exercises that provide a full body workout. A lot of health benefits that you can't get from other home fitness equipment is what rebounding offers which is now being realized by people.


Doing better with the help from an urban rebounder is just about anybody. Safely using a rebounder and able to do rebounding exercises are children, adults, seniors and even people with back or joint problems. An amazing cardiovascular workout minus the high impact of running or jogging is given by rebounding.


Talking to your doctor before starting a workout program is a good idea if you have not exercised for a while. To understand more about rebounder workout, visit


There are many rebounders out there but one of the best is the urban rebounder. It uses high quality materials for the frame and springs, and made of strong woven materials is the mat. Coming in two types is this trampoline, one of which is for home use and the other type is for gym or commercial use. 350 pounds worth of user capacity is the gym model and a maximum of 300 pounds worth of user weight is the home model. The new mini trampoline workout system, for easy portability and storage, is designed with a one fourth fold. Coming with it is also a stabilizing bar and 6 great workouts on DVD, see here!




Strengthening the muscles and burning calories fast is rebounding exercises. Just one hour on a rebounder can help you burn up to 700 calories according to a certain website. Rebounding has other benefits too in addition to fat burning. Helping boost your metabolism, improving your immune system, increasing your aerobic capacity and protecting against cardiovascular diseases are mini trampoline exercises says health experts. Improving flexibility, balance and mental alertness are also what rebounding do. The best rebounder trampoline workout will help you stick to your exercise routine instead of giving up because the mini trampoline absorbs shock making it gentler on your joints. Back to health, you can bounce off with an urban rebounder.